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RBW LIVE Atlanta - Gen Admission

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Our next RBW LIVE Experience will take place at a private location on May, 6, 2023 in Atlanta, GA!

Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by our team and directed to our room where you'll be introduced to Fe and other Rich Black Women for networking and shopping RBW gear. Once we've made great connections, we will then transition to the Rich Black Woman Strategic Workshop - The Rich Method for Living.


Now is the time to zone in on purpose and activate legacy-focused wealth! We'll use our time together to not only introduce you to other Rich Black Women on the journey, but to walk step by step through The Rich Method for Living™ Methodology so that you can walk away with the following strategic resources:


There are 4 relationships to focus on- God, self, assigned, and selected. We will assess your support system and ensure your foundation doesn’t have any cracks so that you have the personal and professional team you need to bring the vision God has given you to life!

Invest + Impact. 

What are some things impacting your time, money, and energy? We will redefine your boundaries with language, tools, and resources to help you stick to a RICH lifestyle schedule and routine that serves you.


Focus on continuing daily actions for your heart, mind, and soul to manage the life you're creating. We will discuss how to leverage your income for massive success so that you can sustain what you build.


We will use the signature Rich Black Woman Roadmap™ to help you design a lifestyle development system so that you walk away with: 

  • Actionable milestones with projected dates for achieving your lifestyle goals
  • Secrets to purchasing cars, properties, and even designer items
  • Lifestyle hacks for luxury travel and experiences

For planning purposes, here is our tentative schedule:

11am - Welcome + Networking

11:45 - Lunch is Served + Introduce The Rich Method for Living™

12:15 - Establishing the RBW Mindset: Navigating Womanhood with Confidence + Boldness

1pm - Relationship Management: Activating Your Support System

1:30 - The Non-Negotiable RBW: How to Master Time, Money, & Energy

2:15 - Activate Your Rich Black Woman: How to Shop, Travel, & Live Like a RBW

3:15 - Wrap Up


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